Larry Yakiwczuk is the founder of Buckaru Investments, Buckaru Publishing, and Buckaru Auctions. He has 6 University degrees from the University of Alberta. He has over 35 years of Real Estate investing and property management experience, over 20 years of Stock Market and Derivatives trading experience, and he has been financially FREE for the last 15 years. He has also published over 20 books since 2015. His proprietary Investing and Business strategies have allowed his investors to receive above average returns Consistently regardless of the current market conditions. His mission is to help other small business owners and investors achieve their own financial goals and become financially FREE, either through education or investments.

He is always willing to hear from anyone interested in educating themselves or investing. He can always be contacted through his book or personal websites. Just google him!

He believes everyone deserves an equal opportunity in achieving long-term wealth and financial freedom regardless of employment status. It is his passion to help people reach their goals through knowledge, sharing, and help. This is why he has created the book called “Real Estate Investing Made Simple”

His core purpose is to educate people through his books and empower them with practical knowledge in real estate and investments to become self-reliant for their own financial needs, so they can envision a future with financial stability and freedom, and help them with their investments along the way.

He is very excited to help you take charge of your own future!