Patrick Ng

Patrick Ng has 4 different university degrees in Canada:

• Bachelor of Pharmacy
• Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)
• Bachelor of Arts (Drama and Foreign Language)
• Master in Business Administration (International Business).

Originally born in the international financial city of Hong Kong, Patrick Ng has always been interested in finance and real estate investment, and hasn’t stopped learning ever since. He began his career in the pharmacy profession, but later he took a change in career and focused on his own investment and consulting business. In addition to his experience in investment management, during his education in Bachelor of Commerce after-degree and subsequent MBA degree, he enriched his body of knowledge in investment by taking real estate investment courses, and participating in various workshops on how to invest and raise capital for real estate. With a passion to help others succeed, he gave out educational presentations, and later teamed up with his fellow MBA alumnus, Larry Yakiwczuk, to develop this book so they can educate more people with their wealth of knowledge.

Besides investment, public speaking is Patrick’s another area of expertise. In Bachelor of Arts program, he majored in drama, focusing on theatre acting and oral presentation. Since then, he has worked as Event Speaker, Master of Ceremony, and Radio Copyrighter and Voiceover Artist. With both business & pharmacy background, he spoke on diverse topics such as personal branding, OTC health products, and traveling.

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